Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Feature

Some people have been confused by HBB's new feature. I just thought I'd write real quick to clarify. When you click on the "Install" button under a background the code automatically is copied to your clipboard.  All you have to do is follow the instructions and paste the code into the Html/Javascript gadget. No need to copy the code anymore! Aint that great?


  1. Hi,
    Just a very quick note of Thanks to you both for such an easy process and fabulous blog designs!
    Ive just put up a lovely new one and it looks amazing! I know lots and lots of my fellow bloggers use you and I can see why!
    Keryn ;)

  2. Verry nics blog.

    I follow your blog ;)

    Mvg Sarah

  3. I just wanted to say your work is beautiful

  4. I have been wanting to use your blogs. But I have a problem on mine. I am hoping maybe you or someone that reads your blog may have a solution. My entries show up twice. I can't figure out why? Any idea?? Also, I am wanting to make my entries into a book. Any suggestions to a good website to do this? Looking forward to trying a background.

  5. Yes this is great. I love it. It is so easy. Thanks! BJ

  6. I just found your site and I have install one of your backgrounds. I love your new feature. It copied to my clipboard and WALA!! I pasted it in the html area of the gadget and it worked beautifully.
    Cindy Lou

  7. Just found your site. Wanted a new background for my family blog. Love your designs! So simple to install.

  8. "I think your blog designs are really pretty. HBB does not seem to match though to your overall theme but yeah.

    Maybe you will be interested in Wholesale Beads as we offer pretty designs as well."

  9. You Have some cool ones! I flowed the instructions and did every thing but when i looked at my blog and It only did the bottom half. I could be doing it wrong But I'm not sure

  10. Hello, I don't know how to do this, maybe blogger've changed sth again.
    There's no such option as choosing template after I edit html (neither "content" nor "Old Templates" when I can Select "Layout Template" and choose a "Minima template").
    All I have is the whole html code which cannot be replaced by yours (too short).
    Maybe if I can see the whole code You create I can paste it there? No idea.
    PLEASE HELP cause I love your designs!

  11. my blog wallpaper is not showing is there a problem? can you get back to me asap? thank you...