Thursday, July 29, 2010

HBB Buttons

If any of you lovely supporters have one of my buttons on your sidebar could you please head on over HERE and grab the new code? Otherwise there might be an ugly Photobucket image in its place soon. :)

You guys are awesome. Thanks for supporting HBB!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This saddens me...

Unfortunately, my worst nightmare has happened yet again. Photobucket now is saying that I am using too much of their bandwidth to host my pictures with them. YIKES! Don't worry though...this time we have made the code versatile and your background will never be affected in the future.  I wish we had known about this fix before this happened, but we really had no idea it would happen again. Now we're ready!

If the background currently on your blog has an image saying your background will be removed you will just need to find your old background (or a new one) and grab the new code before August 1st. Please make sure to delete the old code as well.  If your background has the HBB tag your background is fine and ignore this warning! :)

I am so very sorry for the inconvenience.  As you may have realized this has happened to most major free background sites and it is a real big bummer.

If you cannot find your old background please email me with the old background code and I will give you the new code.

If you have questions or concerns please email me at instead of writing a comment so I can have your contact info!

Thanks for all of your support in making my website what it is today!